Offices in Edmonton, Saskatoon & Mississauga

Offices in Edmonton, Saskatoon & Mississauga

At Digitize Media, we live on the web.  Our team loves to connect all the dots together to increase engagement and  sales. We love digital transformations and automation. We analyze data, we integrate new technologies to business that need it.  Proper research, message crafting, visual adaptation, captions, hashtags are all our morning breeze. Social media is morning dance, Ad campaigns are our passion, there we see the lead generation and conversions coming together. We are aware that studies have shown that a business has 8 seconds to influence a customer on their website. We also know that over 85% of consumers search businesses online before visiting. Our team understands it all, we put all of our expertise on the table for you Having such a diverse team means our ideas never stop! A melting pot of knowledge and creativity is what gives Digitize Media a leg-up on the competition. 

Here's to an INCREDIBLE 2022 year 

This dream team works tirelessly through collaboration and creating connections to produce unique and meaningful digital media for countless businesses. The holiday season is all about spending time with loved ones, family, and friends. The DIGITIZE team is family and without their caring and commitment, we couldn’t do what we do.

Digitize Media Team
Digitize Team

 What We Do!  

We exist to help clients grow their businesses with unique marketing technology solutions.   We believe with the right digital tools, knowledge and implementation experience,  businesses can reach ultimate heights. Our culture is based on practical and rock-solid insights, balanced by an outlook that is both energetic and optimistic.   

We're part of the community & we love sports  

Digitize wouldn’t be anything without the talent skills or our multifaceted team. From design and sales to web development and account management; our family is full of functionality!
Digitize Soccer Team
Digitize Team 2

DIGITIZE Media Collbrating with MacEwan University Marketing Club (MUMC)  

DIGITIZE is excited to be collaborating with the wonderful MacEwan University Marketing Club (MUMC) to facilitate real-world experience for students through: internships, job shadowing as well as projects through the Community Partners Program! Making meaningful connections through collaboration is all part of what we do and how DIGITIZE helps to grow, transform, and inspire the future generations of digital marketing.

And we Love Great Food   

Whether its Google Ads, a new website or simply the idea of starting your Facebook page, we’ve got a service that’ll help your business shine online! Sometimes taking control of your online presence means relinquishing the reigns to someone else; let Digitize Media take the lead!

We love food

5th Annual Lala Heritage Soccer Tournament  

The Digitize Media team thoroughly enjoyed participating in the 5th annual Lala Heritage soccer tournament! Many thanks to all those involved in this incredible annual event. We may not have brought home a trophy this year, but we continue to grow and succeed and a team while giving back and having fun! Bringing people together, creating connection, and supporting a great community event is what Digitize is all about!

Digitize lunch @Dickeys_Edmonton  

The Digitize team loves to collaborate and get those creative juices flowing – especially when great food is involved! Enjoying a delicious meal from our friends at Dickey*s barbecue Pit definitely helps to inspire and bring our team together. From social media to website development; content creation to digital marketing; digital automation and providing our expertise as digital advisors – Our Digitize Media team is here to help you enhance, grow, and transform your business!

Begin your digital transformation with our Digitize Media digital advisors!  

We love helping businesses grow, succeed, and achieve their goals! As approved Digital Advisors for the CDAP, we are excited to use our knowledge and skills to help your business realize its full potential through adoption and implementation of digital technologies! To learn more about the Canada Digital Adoption Program, and how your business could be approved for a BDC bank loan of up to $100,000, reach out to Digitize today!