Web Design

Stunning websites, beautifully built.
Basic websites ready in days, while custom builds are live in just weeks.
Don’t delay! Get yours started today.
Our mandate for all our website design projects is simple:

create visually appealing websites that function beautifully.

This is the bare minimum standard you can expect when working with us, no matter which package you opt for!

Website Design Packages

Branded websites.

Strong brands sell well. Our branded web design services include a fully-fledged custom-built website designed alongside branding standards crafted by our professional brand strategist.

Custom websites.

Custom websites are built to cater to your business needs. These appealing sites contain consistent graphics, strong themes, and effortless functionality tailored to your business goals.

Affordable websites.

As a small local business, we’re here to help small local businesses. Our basic sites can be ready in days, with the functionality you need to thrive.

Integrated Digital Strategies That Work

Do you know why brands are all doing different things to market their businesses? Because there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing that actually works.

We’ve been building out our suite of complementary services and we are thrilled to offer branded website designs that are effortlessly amplified by our marketing efforts.


about our Web Design Services
A shiny new Digitize website costs from only $999! True story!
Web designers are the best people to bring your brand to life. We’re passionate about creating intelligent website designs that solidify your brand.
Our affordable and single-page websites can be up and running in just days, while our custom sites are often launched within a month. The more complex a project, the longer it takes. Branded sites take a bit longer too.
Of course. Quality websites are compatible across devices so you don’t lose any visitors.
Not at all. We LOVE technology, so we’ve always worked with companies out of Edmonton. We’re all set up to speak with you virtually and the rest of our magic is worked online.
We most often work with customers in Edmonton, Alberta, and Western Canada. Though, if you live elsewhere and you’ve found us, feel free to reach out! We’d love to hear from you.
With our ongoing hosting and maintenance, we’re happy to make small tweaks to your site on your behalf. We’ll always respond to you quickly and get those changes made ASAP. But, if you’re interested in updating the site yourself, we’re happy to provide training so you know how. Naturally, we’ll be available via email, text, or phone to help you if you need any assistance down the line too.
We offer a monthly hosting and maintenance package to all our valued clients.
We don’t hold you hostage with complex contracts and long cancellation periods. If you want to move your site elsewhere, it’s all yours! Just give us 30 days notice.