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An Experienced Web Design and Digital Marketing Agency With Clients Worldwide!

As a business owner your goal is to establish and improve your online presence. As a digital marketing agency our job is to get you there in the fastest way possible.

We began as a boutique social media marketing agency. Today, we’re proud to serve you as a diverse B2C and B2B digital marketing agency specializing in connecting brands with their audience.

On the outside, we’re a group of strategists, artists, designers, writers, entrepreneurs and problem solvers who love to help businesses grow. But at our core, we’re human beings who – like your audience – search, shop, engage and purchase online. Everyday, we make consumer-based decisions involving brands like yours, using the digital marketing world.

We, as consumers, identify our needs, research businesses & brands (that will help us satisfy those needs), evaluate our options based on what we find until, we finally make a purchasing decision. In the end, we assess our purchase and our experience before ultimately deciding whether or not we will return as a repeat customer. Having a team of people who can relate to this decision-making funnel will help your business, not only understand your clients but reach new, potential customers. 

That’s what you’ll get when you work with Digitize Media: A team of passionate, knowledgeable, and diverse consumers who understand the needs of your audience!

At Digitize, we firmly believe in ongoing communication and strategy. To us, the most successful organizations are the ones that understand the ways that human presence creates value in the minds of your customers. Our goal is to use digital marketing to help get you there.

We’ll let you know where your audience is, who they are, and what they want so that you can personalize their experience with your brand. Today, digital marketing is the most efficient, effective way of connecting with your customers.

As society becomes progressively digital, it’s easy to neglect the human element throughout your online channels.

Today, people experience more AI growth and evolution than ever before. As consumers, we’ve become so accustomed to speaking with a bot that we can sometimes forget, real human beings are behind each business we see and interact with online.

By adding a human touch to your digital marketing presence, we permeate your content to shift that stagnant perception and humanize your brand. All in a way that resonates with your customers, while remaining true to your business’s core values.

When you choose Digitize, you’re partnering with a digital marketing agency that cares about the connections we make. We carry that strong desire, for positive connectivity, into our strategic plans for your business.

By connecting your brand with the right people, in a more human way, we’ll help you to build and sustain successful, lasting relationships with your clientele.

Digitize is a full-spectrum digital marketing agency, with a range of modern services, to aid your online presence!

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If the plan doesn’t work – change the plan, not the goal!

Digital Marketing Services We Offer

We are artisans and craftsmen of beautiful brands and bespoke solutions.

Social Advanced

Social Advanced

We understand that social media is about more than just pushing promotions to consumers. Your audience wants your products, but that's not the only reason they follow your brand ...

Social Pro

Social Pro

Businesses come in many different shapes and sizes; social media plans do too. With our Social Pro package, our team will help you create and implement a durable, intelligence-based social media strategy ...

Social VIP

Social VIP

When your business needs a bit more than social media we can help as well. Our social VIP package offers web design consulting and SEO combined with social media in one convenient package ...

Our portfolio speaks louder than words!

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Now that you know what we do, it’s time to show you who we are!

You don’t build a business, you build people, then people build your business.

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What OUR clients say

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Who We’ve Worked With

As a digital marketing agency, we’ve worked with clients from Canada and around the world to strengthen brands, reach more people and increase sales. 

We’ve collaborated with small to medium businesses, multi-location corporations, individuals and  government entities, all with the same passion to be noticed online. 


Our office may be in Edmonton, but our voice can be heard around the world. We are a full-fledged digital marketing agency that has proudly worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes from all over the world.

Under our belts are tons of certifications from search and social media giants in todays’ world. We work with each client as if their business were one of our own, and gain them recognition in the digital marketing world.

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Digitize Media Corp.
#209, 16733 84 St.
Edmonton, AB T5Z OP9

(780) 666-3802


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