Special Fruit Juice - Healthy & Tasty

In a partnership with Hadi Cocktail & Fruit Juice, Digitize Media Corp embarked on a comprehensive project that encompassed the realms of avor, presentation, and marketing. Hadi Cocktail & Fruit Juice isn’t just a beverage provider; they are the epitome of a sensory delight. Their unyielding commitment to crafting the nest fruit concoctions is at the heart of their philosophy. In response, our team dedicated itself to the creation of an enticing brand image, the design of mouthwatering menus, and the implementation of targeted marketing strategies
Our objective was crystal clear: to echo Hadi Cocktail & Fruit Juice’s dedication to delivering the ultimate taste experience, establishing them as the go-to destination for exquisite cocktails and fruit juices.

SERVICES PROVIDED: Branding, Web Design, Packaging Design, Photography, Digital Marketing.

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