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Small Smiles Pediatric Dentistry partnered with Digitize Media Corp to enhance their marketing strategy. With a commitment to providing exceptional pediatric dental care, Small Smiles focuses on the well-being and comfort of young patients. In collaboration with Small Smiles, our team at Digitize Media developed a comprehensive marketing plan that included branding, logo design, and social media marketing
We worked diligently to create a tailored online presence, a distinctive logo, and effective social media campaigns, all of which reect the core values of trust, care, and a child-friendly environment that Small Smiles is known for. With a dedicated team of professionals, Small Smiles continues to ensure that every child’s smile is healthy and bright, fostering a lifetime of excellent oral health

SERVICES PROVIDED: Branding, Web Design, Packaging Design, Photography, Digital Marketing.


Small Smiles Brand Online Presence Enhancement and Social Media Branding Design project aims to revitalize and amplify the brand’s digital footprint by creating a comprehensive set of guidelines for social media branding design. This initiative seeks to express Small Smiles’s rich legacy and messaging in a unique and creative manner, ensuring consistent brand representation across various online platforms

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