The Mechanic Shop

YOUR RELIABLE MECHANIC In a collaborative effort with The Mechanic Shop, Digitize Media Corp was entrusted with a multifaceted mission, involving branding, web design, SEO, Social Media Marketing, photography, and digital marketing. The Mechanic Shop doesn’t just repair vehicles; they define automotive care. Their steadfast commitment to mechanical excellence and customer satisfaction is fundamental to […]

Hadi Cocktail Waffle

Special Fruit Juice – Healthy & Tasty In a partnership with Hadi Cocktail & Fruit Juice, Digitize Media Corp embarked on a comprehensive project that encompassed the realms of avor, presentation, and marketing. Hadi Cocktail & Fruit Juice isn’t just a beverage provider; they are the epitome of a sensory delight. Their unyielding commitment to […]

Incasa Home Care Services

Navigating the Digital Frontier: Incasa’s Journey Digitize Media Corp has played a pivotal role in enhancing their online presence and outreach to families in need of compassionate elderly care. Our collaboration with Incasa is a testament to our shared commitment to providing top-quality, personalized home care services for seniors in the community. Together, we’ve worked […]

Bye Bye Junk

A Digital Renaissance for Bye Bye Junk In a synergistic alliance with Bye Bye Junk, Digitize Media Corp embarked on a comprehensive mission, delving into diverse domains like social media management, website design, Google Ads campaigns, and the creation of impactful print materialsBye Bye Junk stands for more than just decluttering; they embody the spirit […]

Assiff Law

Defining Legal Excellence: Assiff Law’s Journey Introduction:Digitize Media recently collaborated with Assif Law, a prominent Law Office, to enhance its digital footprint and overall brand visibility. The comprehensive digital marketing campaign aimed to revitalize Assif Law’s online identity and increase its reach within the legal sector. Objective:Assif Law approached Digitize Media with the goal of […]

Camelot Immigration

TOGETHER FOR YOUR DREAM Camelot Immigration Inc. engaged Digitize Media Corp to revamp its branding and marketing initiatives. As a respected immigration consultancy, Camelot Immigration was determined to elevate its online presence and branding. Collaborating closely with Digitize Media Corp, they crafted an all-encompassing marketing strategy, including website redesign, engaging social media marketing, and the […]

Small Smiles

Grow Up Smiling Small Smiles Pediatric Dentistry partnered with Digitize Media Corp to enhance their marketing strategy. With a commitment to providing exceptional pediatric dental care, Small Smiles focuses on the well-being and comfort of young patients. In collaboration with Small Smiles, our team at Digitize Media developed a comprehensive marketing plan that included branding, […]

Clean Getaway Carwash

Car wash

Canada’s Premier Car Wash Destination Welcome to Clean Getaway! We’re Canada’s premier car wash destination. Clean vehicles are our passion, as we believe a clean car is one of the simplest ways to boost your mood and bring some well needed calm to your life! Join us at our state of the art facility for […]

DICKEY*S Barbecue Pit

DICKEY'S Barbecue Pit

LEGIT. TEXAS. BARBECUE A true American success story, DICKEY*S Barbecue Pit was established in 1941. Today, generations later, the Dickey family continues to own, operate, and serve up their beloved barbecue recipes across North America and the world through their over 650 franchises. In 2022, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada became the first Canadian DICKEY*S Barbecue Pit […]

Organic Saboun

An All-Organic Skin Revolution Since 1480, Organic Saboun has been creating and developing organic, healing, natural skin and beauty care products that are both healthy and luxurious. Ancient wisdom and high-quality organic ingredients are at the core of the Organic Saboun experience. Working with Organic Saboun, Digitize Media Corp was tasked with creating captivating project […]